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About the Artist: Patty Baker, BFA, has been an artist all her life, and has been painting professionally for the past 18 years, including interior and exterior murals in homes and schools, graphics work, fine art prints, and original acrylic paintings. Her work for the past few years has been focused on original paintings and she has sold over 2000 paintings to art lovers around the world. Her work is mostly representative with a twist of abstract in terms of color, rendering and composition. She uses the highest quality, artist-grade acrylic paints and custom-made canvases. Her work is noted for her vibrant landscapes, lively still life paintings, and celebration of color relationships.

Artist's Statement: Art is an essential part of living. Art has the ability to express and convey every human experience. Art is powerful and fills our lives with beauty and expression. Art is my joy! I focus on the power of color and color relationships in my work. I like my images to feel bold and alive, and I do this through the juxtaposition of colors that create exciting and vibrant compositions. I also love to create the illusion of light and atmosphere, especially in my landscapes. Thank you for your interest in my work!

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