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How to Sell Your Artwork Online Worldwide

My newest venture is a collaboration with my husband Patrick to teach other artists and craftspeople How to Sell Your Artwork Online Worldwide.  This course provides instruction on the tools, venues and strategies we have used successfully for the past five years to sell artwork on the internet to patrons all over the world. I have a successful track record selling my own work online – over 2000 original paintings sold to date - to almost every US state and every continent except Antarctica and Africa.

In our experience, there is a huge demand for artists and craftspeople to find online venues in which to display and sell their work.  However, many artists lack the tools, experience and knowledge required to take advantage of a worldwide market.

 Our curriculum includes:

  • Defining your goals
  • Defining your market
  • Deciding what to sell
  • Research best practices
  • Do you really need a web site to sell your work? NO!
  • Identifying the best online venues for your work
  • Maximizing exposure
  • Marketing your work online
  • Managing costs
  • Selling originals and print reproductions
  • Inexpensive hosting and template options
  • Photographing your work
  • Shipping
  • Getting paid
  • Accounting
  • Scam awareness and prevention

Additionally, participants will have access to a list of online venues where artists can list their work for sale or view, including costs involved, best sites for different types of work, answers to frequently asked questions, and other important information that all online art sellers need to know. 

We conduct our seminars using a lecture format and include a segment of each class for questions and answers via IM or VOIP. Our course utilizes a combination of PowerPoint presentations, as well as examples from the internet. This course offering is available using the latest webinar technology and includes four 90-minute live presentations over a four week period. (See class schedule below for dates and times.)

If you prefer to attend a live in-person class and live in the Denver/Boulder area, contact us about classes currently being offered at the Foothills Art Center in Golden and Boulder Valley School District Lifelong Learning in Boulder.

About the Instructors

As an instruction team we possess a unique combination of knowledge and talent. Patty currently sells her original acrylic paintings and reproductions of her  work at the following online venues:,,,,,,, and In addition, my originals and prints are being sold through the following fine art printers and distributors: A-R-T & Associates and

Patty has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Colorado State University, and eight years experience as a practicing professional artist. She has collected extensive information and strategies over the past several years about the business of selling art online. She has taught seminars in selling art on the internet for local and regional art groups, has been quoted in several art publications, as well as having given presentations for the paint manufacturer, Chroma at local art supply retailers and universities. She also spent many semesters as a teaching assistant while attending Colorado State University.

Patrick has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Colorado State University, and possesses a diverse background in web design and programming, information technology, teaching commercial software, technical writing, and project management. He is also well versed in search engine optimization and online marketing.

Our combined experience will provide students with well-rounded, concrete strategies and methods for selling their artwork online to a worldwide clientele. Students of our seminars would gain the benefit of our extensive knowledge and experience, enabling them to hit the ground running in a highly competitive online art sales environment.

Contact Information

For more information please email us:

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